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Maximize Video View-Build HTML5 Video Blog

Today, we are going to share the first post of this article. Video is an effective way to bring traffic to your blog, it plays important role in your business. As blogger or video publisher, all of us hope to receive maximum viewers through video. So how to receive as many viewers as possible? Before we unveil the answer, let’s see some common cases from viewer’s perspective.

Usually, we watch video on different platforms like PC, mobile phone or tablet. So there comes the problems:

Case 1: Plug-in installation
It is a common situation happened on PC. Let’s take Flash Player as example. Flash Player is widely used plug-in on PC; the browsers require installation to watch videos; your video can’t be watched without Flash Player.

Case 2: endless loading
Video loading time depends on the speed of bandwidth. Occasionally, it takes endless loading time to watch a video.

Case 3: video invisible
Invisible video usually caused by incompatible formats. The video format struggle on the web continues. Different video formats are compatible with different browsers. Sometimes, the video cannot be displayed on certain browsers.

So is there any effective way to solve the problem?
Yes, it is. HTML5 video is the way. HTML5 video is an element introduced in the HTML5 draft specification for the purpose of playing videos or movies. HTML5 video is intended by its creators to become the new standard way to show video online. It should be supported by all browsers and compatible with most of the devices like mobile phone or tablet.
Although the standard still takes time to reach the agreement, the three contenders seem to be Ogg Theora, H.264 and WebM. Most video sites seem to use H.264, while others use Ogg Theora.
The format supported by most browsers is Ogg Theora, supported by released versions of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, Konqueror, Epiphany, Origyn Web Browser and BOLT browser, while not supported by Internet Explorer nor Safari. The runner up is WebM supported by released versions of Google Chrome Chromium Opera and Origyn Web Browser, and test versions of Mozilla Firefox. H.264 is supported by released versions of Safari, Origyn Web Browser and BOLT browser, and the test version of Internet Explorer. Those wanting Ogg Theora support in Internet Explorer and Safari can install plug-ins to get it.
How to get HTML5 video? The easiest way is to convert. You need a video converter to finish the task. Whatever the original format it is, you can convert video to HTML5 format and make HTML5 video blog.

What are the benefits of HTML5 video?
As you know, HTML5 videos are compatible with most of the major browsers. Due to the trans-platform strength, HTML5 video can be played on all devices like iPhone, iPad, Android based devices and etc. So theoretically, your video can be watched by large group of people who use those devices. Therefore, you can win more viewers and subscribers for your video. To make a long story short, get HTML5 video, get more audiences.
To make our point easy and brief, we also conduct a funny video about HTML5 video. You can check here to find the smart way to maximize your video views.
Author: Benny
I love writing, I love writing articles that are useful and helpful to users. I write the original!

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