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Sothink Comes Educational Video Sharing Solution for YouTube Clone Sites!


Nowadays more and more schools and colleges worked on building their own video sharing websites to share education videos and one of their choices is the solution called Sothink Video Encoder Engine for Adobe Flash (Windows Version)video sharing software.

That means the academia, or the educational services have the same choice as the most popular video sharing websites—choosing Flash format to share video online.


“Although Flash may not offer the same quality as some of the other formats, it can deliver streaming video content without worrying about players and operating systems”, said YouTube operator.

Almost every machine in the world has the Flash player and Flash in the long run is going to be the preferential media. So, the builders of YouTube clone sites also choose to share Flash videos. As for schools and colleges, surely Flash is the best and simple enough choice for them to build video sharing sites.

Nowadays, besides on computers, students also would like to watch and listen to lectures on PDAs, iPods, iTunes or in MP3. It is great if schools and colleges could build their own video sharing website to share the educational videos. And it is really needed such a video sharing website for learning, sharing and communication

Then, a powerful and easy-to-use video sharing software is needed.

Sothink Video Encoder Engine for Adobe Flash (Windows Version) provides users a complete and creative video sharing solution for video uploading and sharing, especially a perfect solution for building a education video sharing site just like many popular video sharing websites. It does best to meet schools and colleges’ video hosting needs and can be applied to web servers, blogs, forums and other interactive areas.

video sharing software in education

What it does?

  • Convert any video to FLV format in command line (console) mode.
  • Video to Flash SDK for developing server-side Flash video encoding application.
  • Support converting avi, mpeg, mpg, mpe, dat (VCD), vob (DVD), wmv, asf, asx, mp4, mov, 3gp, 3g2, 3gpp, dv, qt, rm, rmvb, etc. to Flash video with server-side applications.
  • Convert video to Flash in batch mode.
  • Faster conversion speed and higher quality than other Flash Video Encoder or Video to Flash Converter.
  • Full control over the converted Flash Video: dimension, frame rate, key frame interval, bit rate, etc with command-line parameters.
  • Advanced video editing function lets you crop the video.
  • Convert video to FLV with different zoom mode (LetterBox, Pan&Scan, and Stretch).
  • Support embedding external subtitles into FLV.
  • Audio sample rate, bit rate, channels and volume are adjustable with command-line parameters.
  • Create thumbnail image for the converted video in JPEG format.
  • Support adding watermarks, logos and copyright images.

Sothink Video Encoder Engine for Adobe Flash also has Linux version. The users of the windows version or the Linux version can freely get the GUI edition of video to Flash converter when buying the Video Encoder Engine for Adobe Flash. With GUI version, users can make easy-to-use Flash Video Players for general use on the video hosting and sharing server.

Click here to download Sothink Video Encoder Engine (Windows Version) >>

Click here to download Sothink Video Encoder Engine (Linux Version) >>

If you only would like to build a video sharing site focusing on iPhone/iPod Touch users and even wish to have a specified client app to invite more iOS traffic into your video content, you may also get to know Sothink Mobile Video Delivery Solution, an efficient and comprehensive solution for you to deliver abundant videos to mobiles and smartphones.


May this Christmas be bright and cheerful and may the New Year begin on a prosperous note!

Author: Gracie

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