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Starting Your Business on Linux In 2009 – Building Your Own Video Sharing Site


Even thought the authorities and business leaders are pessimistic for the economy of 2009 because of the well-known financial crisis, when talk about FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) and Linux, they always feel comforted and delighted.

Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, sees Linux and the FOSS ecosystem surrounding it as having insurmountable advantages in any market over its main competitor Windows — advantages that an economic downturn only intensifies. At a time when a search for the lowest possible price point is happening in such areas as notebooks, FOSS is available at no cost. It is easy to rebrand and customize in a way that Windows Isn’t, and is also technically more efficient. “Lower cost, faster time to market, higher profit margins, better branding — these are all things that are in favor of Linux and not in favor of Windows”, he summarizes.

From the above point of view, we can see the encouraging outlook of Linux in the year 2009. For you, maybe it is a new business opportunity. Please consider about starting your business on Linux from building a video sharing site just like YouTube.

Here I introduce you a professional but low-cost tool – Video Encoder Engine for Adobe Flash (Linux Version), which provides a complete and creative video hosting solution for video uploading and sharing. This video encoder for Linux can convert almost all popular formats of video to FLV format. You can do advanced video editing, batch conversion, quality control and other tasks with CGI or any other server-side scripting languages.

More details:

Free download:

Have a try, you will be rewarded!

Tip: If you only would like to build a video sharing site focusing on iPhone/iPod Touch users and even wish to have a specified client app to invite more iOS traffic into your video content, you may also get to know Sothink Mobile Video Delivery Solution, an efficient and comprehensive solution for you to deliver abundant videos to mobiles and smartphones.

Author: Mable

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