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What if there is a competition between “Sheldon” and “Penny”?


The show “The Big Bang Theory” is popping up all over television and it has acted for five seasons.  Between Sheldon and Penny, the friendship is keeping growing, while the argument never stops. That’s really funny.

If there is a competition between the two cute people, I mean Sheldon and Penny, what will happen? The science geek Sheldon can always win? Here is a cartoon video ( of which inspiration comes from The Big Bang Theory and it is telling exactly a competition between Sheldon and Penny.

Cartoon Video: Beat Him Down! Never Say Fast for Video Downloading.

For playing the video on YouTube, click here.

The common video downloading method (copy video URL and paste it on dialog of the downloading tool) and “open web page, auto capture video, download video” way, which solution will be the faster one? The cartoon video above gave an answer. View it, and have fun. And, have your own choice:)

Author: mirrorking

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    My old Apple TV (w/ newly updated software) is also dropping connections (both on Airplay sharing and on MLB.TV games. This makes me suspect it is the new AppleTV software update rather than the new AppleTV. But we’ll see if Apple fixes it. Thanks for posting this!

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