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Please be noted, Sothink Software honors copyright in any form, and its products do not handle copyrighted materials, like AACS protected Blu-ray discs. Please comply with your local laws and regulations. If it is legal in your area to make backups of copyrighted materials for non-profit personal use, there is a bunch of 3rd party decrypting tools that can take care of the decryption process, thus allowing copying and burning tools, like Sothink and others alike to access the content from a commercial Blu-ray disc. Here is a short list of the popular 3rd party decrypting tools for your reference:


AnyDVD HD(Shareware)


DVD 43(Freeware)

How those tools work:

Those 3rd party decrypters work on the fly to make the disk readable and accessible, so that software applications with copying, converting or burning features can fully access all the contents on the disc without a problem. However, without a tool like this, users simply cannot see the disc contents at all.

In case you forget: Sothink products honor all the copyrights in any country. Please make sure you are legally allowed in your country or area to use these software products, in order to make your own personal backup copy.

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