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    How to Rip and Convert DVD to MKV Passthrough?

    MKV Passthrough, is a passthrough format of super high quality to embed lossless video and audio stream in MKV container. The original content will be passed through instead of being decoded during the ripping process, and then produce a lossless video fie with MKV format.

    Sothink DVD Ripper has a rich profile bank with MKV Passthrough included. It provides a super easy and fast way to rip DVD to MKV Passthrough no matter what kind the source DVD is.

    Following, let's cut to the chase to see how to do it.


    Step 1: Run Sothink DVD Ripper, and load the source

    Download, install and run Sothink quick launcher, and then choose DVD Ripper from the welcome screen.


    Insert the source DVD into the optical drive, or navigate it through the Add buttons on the main UI if it has already been in. If it is an ISO file or a folder, you can simply drag & drop it into the main UI for loading.


    Step 2: Choose MKV Passthrough, and select the output directory

    Soon, the source DVD is in. Move to the right pane and click the profile switcher to choose MKV Passthrough from the Video tab of Format part in the profile bank. And then select the titles, audio tracks and subtitles you want to output.


    As you choose Passthrough format, you will get a lossless resultant video. Thus, the parameters regarding the output video are unchangeable. As for the built-in video editor, all you can do with it is just trim the video to cut off the parts you don't need or add external subtitles if the default items are not enough for you.



    Lastly, move to the lowest interface, and select the output directory at the Save to part.


    Step 3: Start to rip DVD to MKV Passthrough

    As you've made all the necessary settings you need, now you can take the last step. Just tap the Start button, Sothink will immediately start to rip DVD to MKV Passthrough. You can take a rest, and leave the task to Sothink.


    That's all! Now, you have known how to rip/convert DVD to MKV Passthorugh. And if you want to burn MP4 to DVD, you can use DVD Creator.

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