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What is Sothink Video Encoder Engine (Windows Version)? And what you'll get?

It is the complete and creative solution for starting YouTube Clone sites instantly. After download, you will get the followings:

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System Requirements

Please make sure you will run the program in the same as followings or higher environment.

Limitation and Registration

The unregistered version has its limitation in functions only for evaluation purpose. Before you purchase the full version, the encoder just converts the first 3 minutes of each video. If you want to continue using it without the limitation, please purchase it and we will provide you the full-functional version.

To register the software, please select Start Menu > All Programs > SourceTec > Sothink Video Encoder Engine > Register to open the registration dialogue and input your registration key.

How to Get Full Version of Player?

The player involved in the demo sites is unregistered version. Once you purchased Sothink Video Encoder Engine (Windows Version), you will get the download address for the player of full version. And then, you just need to replace the player file in the demo sites with the new downloaded one.

Where to get souce codes of live demo site on ASP, and PHP?

After you install the program, open "C:\Program Files\SourceTec\vee", you'll find "", "", and "". Here the source codes are included. 

What's New?

To know what changes the latest version has got, please visit version history page.

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Sothink Video Encoder Engine (Linux Version)

Linux Flash Video Encoding Solution. Batch convert any video content on-the-fly to Flash Video (.FLV). Automatically generate video thumbnail image and add logo. Make your video “live” and smart delivery for video sharing over the Web.

  • Encode to FLV video from 100% popular video formats.
  • Efficiently integrate with JSP, Perl, PHP Scripts, Linux-based Websites and applications.
  • Provide Free Sources & Guides on creating Video Sharing Sites.
linux video encoding

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