Add Server Side Video EncodingFast Build Video Sharing Sites like YouTube. Low Cost.Auto Convert Any Video Content On-The-Fly.
Server-Side Flash Video Encoding Solution

This product let you

  • Add video encoding on server side to Website and Web-application.
  • Easier to share videos via Linux Server, cost-effective.
  • One-time charge for video sharing. Request Educational Pricing.

Why choose?

  • 300 + successful cases
  • One-time Charge.
  • Easy, stable and well performance.


  • NO writing for video encoding codes.
  • NO spending lots of time on servers.
  • NO learning complex open sources.
  • NO high cost.
  • NO additional fee.
  • FREE technical suport. See license.


  • Green hand on Linux / Web-Development / FFMpeg / MEncoder / AS.
  • Webmaster / Admin.
  • Video Content Provider.
  • Social Network Founder.
  • Web Developers.
  • Any Enterprises.
server side video encode

This product let you

  • Not to write lots of code on server side.
  • Not to learn difficult open sources like FFMpeg or MEncoder.
  • Not to worry about tight budget.

Client Showcases

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server side video encoding

Sothink Video Encoder Engine (Window Version)

Server-side Video Encoding and Flash Media Server alternative solution. Batch convert any video content on-the-fly to .FLV/.F4V/MP4 formats. Automatically create video thumbnail image and add logo. Make your video “live” and smart delivery for video sharing over the Internet.

  • Encode to MP4/F4V/FLV from 100% popular video formats.
  • Efficiently integrate with PHP/ASP/ASP.Net Scripts, Web-based applications.
  • Support HTML5. Allow streaming video to iPhone and iPad.
server side video encoding

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