More Flash Video Player Skins

Flash video player skins makes published Flash video stylish.

Features of Flash Video Player Skins:

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flash video player skin

More Flash Video Player Skins

All Flash video player skins are stored under program folder "Skins". The new added Flash video player skins are also customized like the pre-made ones.

Xmas Pink

(New holiday-style skin)

Xmas Star

(New holiday-style skin)

Xmas Deer

(New holiday-style skin)

Note: You are suggested to install the new Flash video player skins in version 3.0 or later of this Flash video encoder.

How to Customize Flash Video Player Skins by Yourself?

You may even get much more Flash video player skins just through changing the pre-designed skins' background color. And there are some settings else about Flash video player skin and playback controls could be customized. 
Click to learn how to customize Flash video player skin >>

However, you may also make Flash video player all by your own with Flash creation tools like Sothink SWF Quicker and Adobe Flash. The source files (*.sqf) of the skins are installed in the "Skins" folder under the installation folder. You can open them in SWF Quicker and edit them.

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