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How to Copy DVD movies
It's really annoying that due to day-to-day use your favorite movie DVD is scratched by friends, children, or yourself. Why don't you make a copy of them? Then you could just use the backups and treasure up the original ones.

Here I'd like to show you how to copy a movie DVD with Sothink DVD EZWorkshop. Sothink DVD EZWorkshop is an easy-to-use yet powerful DVD authoring tool. It integrates multiple utilities into one set, including DVD copying, video converting, CD/DVD burning and a software player.


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First, download the latest version of Sothink DVD EZWorkshop and install it. Because currently the software only support running on Windows, your computer's OS should be Windows 98/Me/2000/XP. And DirectX 8.0 or above should have installed on your PC. For encoding to DVD, 128Mb of RAM and 5 GB of free space (or above) are recommended.

DVD EZWorkshop - Copy DVD

Launch the program, and select "DVD to DVD". You can use this function to completely copy DVD5 (D5) movies, and you can also use it to shrink DVD9 (D9) movies to fit DVD5 disks.

Then put the movie DVD you want to copy into the DVD-ROM and choose "Select source DVD drive". If the movie is in your hard disk, you should choose to "Select DVD folder from hard disk"."

The next step, the logic movie structure of source DVD disk is shown in the upper window. The movie DVD structure usually has Menus, a Main Movie, and Extras. Click "Modify", you can select:
[Delete Menu]: The Menu will be removed, so it will not be copied to the new disk;
[Delete Menu and Extras]: Both the Menu and Extras will be discarded;
[No Changes]: All the content in the movie DVD will be kept for recoding or copying.


DVD EZWorkshop - Load AVI Files

And then specify a folder to store the converted files which is regarded as temporary files. After you finish burning the DVD, you can delete the temporary files to free disk space. You can also leave them in the disk. Because they are ready-to-burn, you can use these files to burn more copies by Sothink Burner (integrated in the EZWorkshop as well) without converting again.

DVD EZWorkshop - Set Temporary Folder

Set the conversion bit rate for the video and audio streams. The higher the bit rate is, the better the quality of the created DVD movie will be. However you have to pay attention to the "Estimated Size" bar. If the bit rate is too large the size might exceed the capacity of your target DVD disk. Thus you need to reduce the bit rate to continue.

DVD EZWorkshop - Set Bitrate

Now the converting process can be started. During the process, you can get detailed processing messages in the message window. And there are several after-convert operations you can choose:
If "Start burning after conversion is finished" is checked, then the program will automatically go to the burning step after converting; unchecked, then you should go to the next step manually.
Select "Add more files to disk", then you can continue to add some files to burn before burning is started. These files can be videos, softwares (for example, a DVD player software) or data files. The created DVD can still be playable on a standalone home DVD player. But the non-video files on it can only be seen on PC.
Select "Specify the burning device and set the preference" to choose the burning device you want to use, check the properties of the burner and target DVD disk (if the disk is not empty you'll need to erase it or change for an empty one), and specify the burning speed. If you have only one burning device and get an empty DVD disk loaded in the device already, you can leave this option uncheck, and skip to the burning process directly.

DVD EZWorkshop - Processing Conversion

After converting is completed, burning can be started. The available after-burn operations are: "Eject the disk" "I want more copies of this disk" "Shut down the computer after burning is finished".
"Eject the disk" is recommended. For some CD/DVD device can not read the disk just been burned, you should eject the disk and then insert it to let the device to recognize it.
If you want more copies of the same movie DVD, check the second box so that you don’t need to convert the movie again. The software will just use the converted files to burn more copies.
The third choice is useful when you don’t want to wait until the burning is over to manually shut down the computer.

DVD EZWorkshop - Burning Process

When the burning process is completed, your backup movie DVD is successfully done. Click "Finish" button and back to the burning panel.

Want to backup your favorite DVDs? Don't want to waste time on studying complicated DVD conversion tool? Download Sothink DVD EZWorkshop now and experience how easy to use it can be. 

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