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How to download video online from IE?
Enjoying on-line videos is really entertaining. Have you ever had the idea to download them and share with people around you? That would be a great joy.
To download flash videos is not a hard task. Would you like to try easier and swifter downloading experience?
This tutorial will tell you what a piece of cake it is!


Totally FREE Video Converter for All Multimedia Devices
Support AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, WMV, FLV, and even HD MOV, MKV, M2TS, MTS, etc


Software Requirements 


Step 1 Double click the program icon, and the program window will pop up.


Click close button to minimize it to the system tray, and it will run in the background.


Step 2 Open your browser to watch a video you are interested in.


A notification pops up when the live video is captured. You can preview the video to decide if you want to download it.


Step 3 Click on the notification to start a download task. The window New Download pops up, and you can specify a folder to put your file in and rename it, then just click OK.


The download task is in progress.


It also can carry more than one task.


And you can press Start button to resume broken or paused tasks.


Step4 When a video is successfully downloaded, this notification will pop up.


You can click on it, and enjoy it in a FLV player:


Or select the file in file list, and enjoy it in video preview area. This is only available for .flv files.


That’s all steps to download live videos with Sothink Web Video Downloader. By the way, this program can automatically monitor all browsers you use. And these ones are monitored by default:

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