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How to capture and download MSN videos?
Enjoying videos online has become a popular pastime. However, what would you do if you find some videos you are interested in? Just watch them then shut down? Oh, no! You can download them! Just download those videos, keep them in your computer, and play it offline.
HOW? This tutorial introduces you how to download those videos and enjoy it offline, taking as an example.


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Software Required


How to do it step by step

Step 1 Make sure you have installed Mozilla Firefox and Web Video Downloader correctly.
After installation, you can see the icon of Web Video Downloader on the tool bar. It's more convenient to open the sidebar of Web Video Downloader by clicking on its icon.


Step 2 Click the icon of Web Video Downloader on Firefox tool bar to open the sidebar. You can also choose "Tools -> Web Video Downloader" to open the sidebar.


Step 3 Open the page containing the video you want to capture and download. Then an Interception Tip would pop up if the program detects any Flash video. Click "OK" to start downloading the FLV video file.


Click "Cancel" to cancel downloading. Then if you want to restore downloading, right-click the file in the sidebar and choose "Download...".


If you don't like Interception Tip to pop up always, there are two ways to temporarily disable the video downloader in Firefox without a restart of the browser.

Just right-click the icon "video" and uncheck the option "Video Capture Notification",


or open the sidebar and uncheck "Video capture notification" to disable the popup windows.


Step 4 Play downloaded flv with FLV Player.


That’s all steps you need to do to download a flash video. Now, just try it yourself!


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