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How to record Flash game to video?
If you've got an amazing Flash game which is extremely funny, complicated, or tricky, and you can play it well, don't you want to show it to your friends? or show other people how good you can play on Web, like your video blog? But how can you record the Flash game to a video while you are playing it? Here in this guide, I'll introduce a simple software which can be very helpful on the recording, and tell you how to convert the Flash game (SWF) to video step by step.


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Brief Introduction of the Software
  • Sothink SWF to Video Converter
    SWF to Video Converter can convert Flash animations, Flash games, and other kinds of Flash files to video formats such as AVI, MPEG, MP4, and 3GP. It is a simple and easy-to-use program, and produces excellent quality. Just play the game within SWF to Video Converter, after you win the game or the game over, the program will automatically convert the Flash frames to video.
  • Web Video Downloader for Firefox
    Can quickly capture and download web videos, streaming Flash videos, embedded Flash animations, Flash games, etc. from internet. Help you collect fabulous Flash files and Web videos with ease.
  • keepvid
    An online video downloading service.
  • LeechVideo
    A handy IE addon that lets you download favorite videos from popular video sharing websites.


Step by Step Guide
  • Step 1. Download Flash game from Internet
    Threre are many ways to download flash game from Internet. If you have no idea how to do, you can try the software mentioned above. Web Video Downloader for Firefox is a Firefox extension. It can capture and download flash games from any web page.

  • Step 2. Launch SWF to Video Converter and open the Flash game
    Click and select the Flash game you want to play and record. The program will show some information of the Flash file to you such as Total length, Frame rate, Movie size. Please note that the Total length of a Flash game is usually a few frames, that is not equal to the duration of video which is going to be created.
    Screenshot - Launch SWF to Video Converter and open the Flash game 

  • Step 3. Set crop area and watermark
    Support setting crop area and watermark is the very unique function of SWF to Video Converter. If you want to let the program just convert the Flash restricted in a certain area, or if you want to add an image (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG) to the Flash as a watermark (like a personal logo), you can specify the settings in this step. Otherwise, you can just skip this step.
    Screenshot - Set crop area and watermark 

  • Step 4. Specify conversion and output settings
    Choose a target video format. You can choose AVI if you just want to watch the video on PC or laptop, not on some portable devices, so as to get better quality video. Then specify a file name and an output folder for created video. And specify the audio setting and video settings properly. You can check the help file to find more detailed guidance. Please note that you'd better uncheck , because what you are going to record is a Flash game, not a Flash animation or movie. You should stop capturing and start conversion manually. 

  • Step 5. Start capturing and conversion
    Click "Play and Capture", and start to playing the Flash game within the "Capture" window. Click "Stop Capture" anytime you want to stop recording. Click "Finish" to end capturing and start conversion. The conversion would just take a few seconds.
    Screenshot - Start capturing and conversion

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Key steps summary

To record Flash game to video file with SWF to Video Converter, the important steps are: 1, Load the Flash game and customize the output and conversion settings; 2, play the Flash game within the "Capture" window and click "Finish" to start conversion.


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