Step 4. Convert Video & Burn DVD

Sothink Movie DVD Maker first converts video files before burning them into DVD disc.

Make sure the checkbox besides the video files you want to convert and burn has been ticked. If there is none video been ticked, the program prompts when starting conversion or burning. When all the checkboxes are ticked, the video files added in will be converted and burned following the order of the file list.

Sothink Movie DVD Maker supports burning movies to various discs like DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-R and DVD-RW, and it also supports burning movies to different target disc sizes like "DVD-5" and "DVD-9". Those target video settings are all set in General Settings or Advanced Settings panel.

Convert Video

Select "Burn" from File in the Menu or directly click button "Burn" on the Toolbar, and then it starts conversion.

Note: During the conversion progress, Movie DVD Maker automatically creates a folder for saving temporary files. Make sure the folder is created in a hard disk with enough free space. Those temporary files folder and other settings of conversion are all set under dialog "Options".

Create DVD Menu

When the video conversion is completed, it begins to create DVD Menu. It appears a dialog showing the progress of creating DVD Menu. If you set DVD menu template as "No menu", this step will be skipped over.

Burn DVD Disc

When the video conversion and DVD menu creation are completed, it pops up a dialog and starts burning the generated video files to disc.


If there is no disc in the drive, it pops up a dialog for prompting.


However, if in the drive there is a disc in format of DVD+RW or DVD-RW, which is erasable and there is some data on the disc, the program will prompt to erase the old data before burning.


Note: If you would not like to burn movies once the video files conversion is completed, please un-tick the checkbox "Check disc status before starting encoding" under dialog Options. Meanwhile, please make sure there is no disc in the CD-ROM.


If there is no DVD writer in the PC, when the video conversion and DVD menu creation are completed, it pops up a dialog to prompt that a folder for the DVD structure has been created successfully. Just click button "OK" in the dialog to open the folder and burn all the files in that folder to disc using your burning tool.

Please make sure ISO9660 + UDF 1.02 file system is selected while burning the disc.