Want to Convert Windows Media Video WMV to SWF as easy as 1-2-3?

Do you want to share your video with others online (such as web blogs)? Convert WMV to SWF is the first step to realize it. Sothink WMV to SWF Converter provides the opportunity for easiest and fast converting from WMV to SWF.

.WMV video file, standing for Windows Media Video, developed by Microsoft, one of the compression formats, is a generic name of Microsoft's video encoding solutions and doesn't necessarily define the technology what it uses. In WMV7, Microsoft has used its own flavour of MPEG4 video encoding technology. You can use a WMV video file either to download and play files or to stream content.

WMV is becoming more and more popular for video sharing. So if you want to add videos on websites or blogs, you need to convert WMV to SWF files first. Search the internet, you may find there are a lot of WMV to SWF converter tools. Here we recommend Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash for its converting high speed and good picture quality. Sothink WMV to SWF Encoder is a professional WMV to SWF Converter you can totally rely on. With the efficient tool, you can convert WMV to SWF format just in a sec with fantastic quality.

WMV to SWF, Convert WMV to SWF
Super Features of the WMV to SWF Converter
- Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash
Besides converting WMV to SWF, this tool also converts almost all formats of video to SWF, including AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, MOV, MKV, AVCHD M2TS, etc.
Convert FLV and Flash SWF with different encoding like h.263 and h.264 codecs.
By the WMV to SWF tool, adding SWF to any website, forum, blog and even mobile phones is very easily.
Pre-design various skins of SWF player for directly choose in WMV to SWF conversion.
Sothink WMV to SWF converter provides full playback controls and allows embedding FLV, URL, SWF Flash animation.
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Step-by-Step: How to convert WMV to SWF by WMV to SWF Converter?


Step 1. Load WMV File
After install the WMV to SWF Converter tool, please launch the program. And click “Add” button to load WMV files:

WMV to SWF - Convert WMV to SWF
Step 2. Set WMV to SWF Conversion
Then click the bar under “Target Profile”, the format menu will drop down. You can choose the file format you need.

WMV to SWF - FLV Encoder

Step 3. The Other Settings for WMV to SWF conversion
After that, you can continue your file general settings on the left part of the interface.

WMV to SWF - FLV Converter

Step 4. Select Skin and Create Flash Player
Then you can set the FLV player and output folder at the bottom.


WMV to SWF - WMV to SWF Cconverter
Step 5. Publish SWF to Website from WMV Video
At last, click "Convert" button on the top tool bar of the interface to finish the WMV to SWF conversion.

WMV to SWF - Converter WMV to SWF

OK, now the WMV to SWF conversion is finished by the WMV to SWF convert just in sec.

So you can see this is a super easy use WMV to SWF Converter with fantastic functions. It converts WMV to SWF smoothly and joyfully. Besides converting WMV to SWF, this converter also converts Divx, Xvid, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, and even MOV, AVCHD M2TS, etc.
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WMV to Flash Converter

WMV is a file extension used for Windows Media Video. The format was developed by Microsoft. If you want to share your WMV files with others online, try to convert it to more common formats such as SWF. Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash helps you convert WMV to Flash with ease.


Windows Media Video to SWF Converter

The file extension for Windows Media Video is .WMV. WMV files are quite often found in the web; however, to play a WMV file, a set of codecs as well as the player are required; why not converting it to another format easy for sharing online? Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash is your best choice to convert Windows Media Video to SWF.


Share WMV Online

WMV is short for Windows Media Video. This video format was developed by Microsoft upon non-standard version of MPEG-4. However, SWF and FLV files are more common for online sharing. Do not hesitate to try Sothink Video Encoder for Adobe Flash to publish WMV to websites.


System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7
    Windows 2003/2008 Server
  • 1GHz Intel/AMD processor
    or above
  • 256MB RAM (512MB or above recommended)



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