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Live Chat

Welcome to Sothink Live Customer Support.
To all the users that require your registration key, order information or purchase issue, we suggest you contact our Live Support operators prior through Sothink live chat system -- Sothink Chat. Our operators will reply to you and help you to fix the issue immediately.
If there’s no Sothink Customer Support staff online when you log-in, you can leave an online message to us, call us free or visit SothinkMedia Forum to post there for help.

Software Environment Requirement:

Sothink Chat room is developed base upon the new software in Sothink Families -- Flashpioneer Chat. In order to run it properly on your side, please make sure:

Proceed to Live Support Service:
  • You can click the following button to enter the Sothink Chat Room;
  • In login page, please enter your nickname to join the room;
  • Select a name of the support staff from the rightmost list; You can start private chat by left-clicking the staff’s name and choose “Private Chat” option;
  • Let’s start chatting now!

sothink chatroom

Important Note:

Got the message “ This content requires the Adobe Flash Player version 8.0 or a higher, and a browser with JavaScript enabled ” when you go to Sothink Flash Chat room?
Please check the following:

  • Make sure you are using Flash Player 8.0.24 or above version on your computer.
    If it is not, you can download the latest version here:
  • Please make sure JavaScript is enabled.
    If not, please go to the browser>Tools>Internet Options...>Security panel, you can choose Custom Level tab, and drag the scroll bar to "Scripting".  Please Enable "Active scripting", "Allow paste operations via script", "Scripting of Java applets" and click OK to confirm it.

If you got any other problems with Sothink Flash Chat, please feel free to contact us at

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