Q: What's the difference between free version and professional version of Sothink Video Converter?

A: Sothink Free Video Converter and Sothink Video Converter Professional have exactly the same features and functions. The only three differences between those two versions are that the free version has a label text on the interface, it supports less encoding profiles than the pro version and, it will add a small transparent watermark which will display at the right corner of the output video in every ten minutes.

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Q: Does Sothink Video Converter support DivX and XivD? What video formats does it support?

A: Yes, definitely. Sothink Video Converter supports almost all video formats, including AVI DivX, AVI XivD, and even H.264/AVC AVI.

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Q: Can I just convert a part of video content? If so, how?

A: Surely. Just select the video you have added into the program, go to "Edit" - > "Trim" function, then you can drag the left/right slider to set start/end time of the video clip desired.

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Q: How can I get the right and suitable video's conversion resolution for my Apple iPad?

A: Sothink Video Converter pre-sets various target encoding profiles to meet different video formats and multimedia devices needs. For Apple iPad users, Video Converter offers both H.264/AVC iPad video and H.264/AVC 720p HD iPad video profiles. Just go to select one iPad video profile from the options and you will directly get the right and suitable resolution for your iPad.

Besides the pre-set profiles, you may also customize the video (MP4) and audio properties by your own.

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Q: I saved the converted video on my USB disk, which was connected with PS3 later, and I failed to play the videos on PS3, why?

A: To play the output video files on PS3 from a USB disk, please first format the disk using FAT32 file system (NTFS file system is not supported by PS3), and then create a folder named "VIDEO" on the root of the disk and copy all the output video files to the folder. Follow these steps and you will succeed.


Q: I failed to convert video to WMV format with WMV 9 AP video codec, why? I am using Windows XP.

A: To convert video to WMV format with video codec "WMV 9 AP" under Windows XP, you need to install Microsoft Windows Media Format redistribution package (download link: http://www.sothinkmedia.com/download/WMFDist11-WindowsXP-X86-ENU.zip).


Q: How to know I'm using the latest version? And how to update?

A: Sothink Video Converter supports automatically checking for update and the time interval of checking is able to be set by yourself. Besides that, Sothink Video Converter also allows you directly checking for updates. Click Help in the Menu and select "Check for Updates" from the pop-up list. And then you will link to check the update information on SothinkMedia website.


Q: What information should I offer you to solve my problem?

A: As to asap to find out the problem you met, you are suggested to describe all the details about the problem and inform us what your system configuration is, how you operated and what error occurred as well. If possible, you'd better send us your files for investigation. 


Q: How to change interface language?

A: Sothink Video Converter supports multi-language. When you would like to change the interface language instead of the default one, you may go to the top of the program, click "Language" under "View", and select a language from the pop-up list. Then restart the program to apply the new language.


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