Trim Clip

Sothink video converter software supports trim function. There is a window on the bottom of the program for previewing the video/audio added in. You can click button “Play” to preview your source video/audio and, if you just want to convert a part of video/audio content, you may realize it with Trim function:

Select the video/audio you have added into the program, go to "Edit" - > "Trim" function, and then you can decide which part will be converted by dragging the left/right slider to set start/end time.

As the picture showing below, drag the left triangle to a position you want it be the start of the converted video/audio and drag the right triangle to a position you want it be the end of the converted video/audio. Then the video will be trimmed before being converted.


Start time slider - Drag it to set start time.

End time slider - Drag it to set end time.

Navigation slider - Drag it to navigate the source video.


You can use keyboard to control the position of slider.

  • Left/Right - go back/forth 0.001s each time
  • Page Up/Page Down - go back/forth 1s each time
  • Up/Down - switch to the slider you want to move