Zoom Mode

Sometimes you need to change the zoom mode of your video to fit for your devices better.

Zoom mode could be changed under General Settings or Advanced Settings panel.

  • Letterbox
    - If you adopt Letterbox mode, the picture will be shrunk to fit the target dimension while preserving the aspect ratio of source video, and black bars will be added to fill the gaps.

  • Pan & Scan
    - Only parts of the source video would be converted with Pan & Scan mode. The program will cut out some details around the picture, which is not considered that important, to make the width or height fit.

  • Stretch
    - With Stretch mode, the whole video will be recorded at full dimension for preserving all the fine details, but the picture will lost the original aspect ratio and be literally squashed out of shape.



Set the same target dimension "320x240", and adopt different zoom mode for each conversion.
Here is one original picture of a source video with 480x270 dimension:


Then when the video is converted with Letterbox mode, the picture will be like this:


With Pan & Scan mode:


With Stretch mode: