Capture Video

This YouTube video downloader can automatically detect and capture any live video you view on any web page. The supported browsers and video formats could be customized under Options - Video Capture.

Capture Video

Just launch this program, open the webpage you would like to download the involved live video from, and then you will see a notification window, which tells you it has captured the video you are viewing.

Video Captured

Once a video is captured, a small window for notification will appear at the bottom right corner of screen. It shows URL, and a preview of the video:

capture video

Click the playing area or the URL, it will start downloading this captured video. And at the right top corner of this window, there are also three useful buttons:

choose encoding profile: Click to replay the captured video in this small window.

choose encoding profile: Click to open program options dialog and do some settings under "Video Capture".

choose encoding profile: Close the window. You can also right-click the window to close it.

Capture History

If you would like to download the captured videos later, you may leave the Video Captured window alone. And when you want to download, you can click button "Check Capture History" on the toolbar and open the Capture History window for checking. In this window, you can look over those captured but not downloaded files, and download some video(s) in this list on demand.

capture history

Select one, and click button "Download" to open "New Download" dialog for downloading the selected file.


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